Yosefa Dagan

CEO & Co-Founder

Yossi Dagan

Director & Co-Founder

Yosefa DaganYossi Dagan

Yosefa Dagan is a professional leader and an experienced manager. Serving as the CEO of Asakim Plus, a business consulting firm, she co-founded in 2002, Yosefa influenced and brought success to hundreds of small and medium businesses and changed the lives of many owners and managers. Before that Yosefa was the CEO of Rofim Betafkid, providing medical services all over Israel.

Yossi Dagan is a seasoned executive and enthusiastic entrepreneur with vast experience in technology, business, and marketing. Yossi has displayed his management and leadership skills throughout the years at companies such as Microsoft, Asakim Plus, Pajamanation, Peach Networks and Cell Buddy.


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